Now you’re wondering: Which Private Yacht Charter should I choose? Here, Captain Jake will share with you 3 essential tips on choosing the right Private Yacht Charter for you. Enjoy our video above or take a look at the transcript below!

So you’re ready to charter! Here’s three tips to make sure you choose the right charter:

Number 1 – Always ask what’s included in the price. Whether it be food, fuel, drinks, even your captain and crew! Always be clear with what’s included in the price. It’ll be an easier process for you and the charterer.

Number 2 – Beware of bareboat charter agreements! Bareboat charters sometimes mislead you. And in bareboat charter situations – you may be liable for insurance, you may be liable for the passengers aboard, you may even be liable for the boat and Captain! So be sure to be aware of bareboat charter agreements and read through them thoroughly.

Number 3 – Verify your Charterer! Always make sure – your charterer is insured, ensure they’re accredited with some type of Better Business Bureau or TripAdvisor. So protect yourself and make sure your charterers accredited.

We hope this video has helped you understand a little bit more about private charting –  whether it be here in Hawaii or out on in the world!

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