Aloha all! Wanting to know more about Private Charters and why they may be the best option for you and your family? Check out our informational video above or transcription below to learn a little more about why we operate Private Charter style and how it stands apart from your usual boat tour.



Hey guys – Captain Jake here from MANA Cruises. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about Private Chartering. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from clients and visitors as to what Private Chartering offers and why it may be better than taking a normal tour that you may see online. So let’s talk about Private Chartering.


So what is Private Chartering? Private Charters is when you have the ability to use and rent a boat and really be able to command it. Meaning – you’re able to customize it from your menus, to what you drink, where you travel, even what you do on the boat! And that’s where things get really fun! Why do clients oftentimes choose to Private Charter? Private Chartering a lot of times is used when there’s a couple or a small family and you really just want to be able to do anything that you wish. Whatever it is – Private Chartering allows you the access to a boat, normally a captain and crew, and pretty much anything you may ever want to do.


So another question that we get asked often is how are we different from your normal cruise or tour that you see online or offered at your hotel? What we do differently is we create something a little bit more customized around you. We don’t have a cookie cutter snorkel spot or a cookie cutter time or a cookie cutter this or that – that allows us to stay within limits. What we’re able to do here is really offer exactly what you want. Whether it be that special lunch, whether it be snorkeling for four hours, or whether it be fishing for the whole time – we’re really able to customize around what you want to do most. So, what’s most important to you and your family.


To my second point – family. A lot of times we get asked this question: How does this benefit my family? Whether you are a family of three or a family of six, we’re really able to provide you that customization that allows you to keep everyone happy!


We hope this video has helped you understand a little bit more about Private Charting – whether it be here in Hawaii or out in the world.


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