The SV Shaun T – a 46′ Robertson and Caine catamaran. After crossing many oceans this vessel has finally nestled a home on the west end of Oahu. This world recognized yacht was built purely for leisure and cruising of islands across the world.  With sister ships in Tahiti, Fiji, Caribbean, British Virgin Islands and beyond, the SV Shaun T stakes her claim in Hawaii and it’s waters.

At a 24′ beam and 46′ length, you’ll never have to tip-toe to the bow, or squeeze into the galley.  Find your space, extend your legs and feel what Hawaii has to offer.


3 State Rooms

3 En Suites (Shower, Toilet, Sink)

Full Kitchen

Hot & Cold Fresh Water

Swim Platform 

2 Large Water Entries

Extensive Bow Lounging Area

2 Bean Bags

Stern Round Table Seating

Refrigerator & Freezer


Derived from the definition itself; MANA Cruises was created with the intent of sharing the Mana concentrated in our Hawaiian waters and coastline. Family owned and locally driven, MANA Cruises focuses on the true Hawaii experience served with endless aloha. Join us and we’ll take you on a journey to find your spine tingling, spiritual lifting, awe inspiring moments that we know as Mana.

ma·na [mah-nah]
/ noun / Of Hawaiian, Polynesian Origin
Supernatural or divine power; a generalized, supernatural
force which may be concentrated in objects or persons.


Mana Cruises operates under the strict federal laws of the United States Coast Guard.  All captains are endorsed with Merchant Mariner Credentials and hold extensive hours on the water.  All crew are trained with extensive practice of water safety preparedness and life saving skills.